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If you have downloaded and installed the Wise Program Uninstaller Portable and are now thinking that it is the best thing for your computer then I'm afraid that it isn't. It doesn't remove all the clutter from your system; it simply removes the temporary files that the software created when it was running. It is by far the most ineffective piece of software ever to be put on the market. If you want to ensure that your PC stays running in top condition you need to get rid of the junk files that are accumulating in your computer.

The problem with the Wise Program Uninstaller Portable is that it installs itself onto your computer without you having to manually install or uninstall any applications on your system. That means that it basically deletes all the files from your system that are already on there. It's like a digital broom sweep in your system - it sweeps away the rubbish. The problem is that it takes your computer about five seconds to do it - but because it wipes out all the junk, it causes a lot of damage to your system. This is why many people have reported slow speed when they use the software.

The Wise Program Uninstaller Portable can be completely removed by using a program called a "registry cleaner". The registry is a database which stores all the important information about your PC, and is basically the core of the operating system of your PC. When you use a registry cleaner, you're basically be cleaning out all the damaged and corrupted data that is inside your PC and replacing it with new, clean and accurate information. This will stop your PC from slowing down and will help to ensure that your PC runs at its optimum speed.

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